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Latitudes French Property Agents

Latitudes French Property Agents have been selling houses, apartments, chateaux and cottages in the departments of Ile et Villaine, Cote d’Amor, Cote du Nord, Morbihan and Finistere for over 19 years and have a good network of licensed and registered estate agencies in the area to offer a wide selection of homes including properties on the coast and sea-front properties, houses and apartments on or by golf courses, and town properties ideal for investment including apartments that are easy to rent out and use when the owner wishes. As well as this there are leaseback properties giving the owner some weeks personal use as well as a good rental return. Some properties offer full-time rental guarantees for pure investment.

In these slightly more difficult times it is best to go for position, position, position and Brittany has proved over the years to be in demand both from the uk buyers and the French domestic market.

Brittany has long been a popular and welcoming destination for the British for both holidays and purchasing homes. The property market in Brittany has remained stable for last 20 years that I have been dealing with the area and prices have increased on a gradual basis in most places although there are some ‘hotspots’, mainly near or on the coast that have risen in price quite dramatically in the recent years. In these areas you will also find that there are some great new developments with direct access to the beach or within walking distance and these are very much in demand both from the French and other international buyers. The same applies to resale properties which offer easy access to the wonderful beaches of Brittany.

The demand for the region continues to be strong despite new areas and even new countries being publicized as it offers accessibility from the UK and particularly the Channel Islands, by ferry and air. The increase in low cost flights to the area adds to the appeal. The range of properties on offer means that there is something for everyone as they start below 50,000 Euros if you are prepared for some renovation and range up to a million or two! The lovely character stone properties are appealing to most people but there are a wide range of new and recent properties available too as well as investment properties including leaseback possibilities.

Because of the shape of the region you are never much more than 30 minutes away from both coasts. The region offers many golf courses within striking distance of each other which again is a draw to many potential purchasers and makes properties in the region easier to rent out throughout the year to provide extra income to pay expenses on the property.

I believe that properties in Brittany will continue to increase in price gradually of the coming year giving purchasers the opportunity of a good capital gain over several years.

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