Gulf Of Morbihan

The Gulf of Morbihan is a natural harbour on the coast of the D├ępartement of Morbihan in the south of Brittany. This English name is taken from the French version: 'le golfe du Morbihan'. It is more accurately called 'the Morbihan' directly from its Breton name which is Ar Morbihan, meaning 'the little sea', as opposed to the Atlantic Ocean outside, (Ar Mor Braz).

Legend says that there are as many islands in the Gulf as there are days of the year. However, this is untrue and the gulf has about 40, depending on the tide. Of these, all are private property, except Ile-aux-Moines and Ile d'Arz


The area around the gulf features an extraordinary range of megalithic monuments. There are passage dolmens, stepped pyramids with underground dolmen chambers, stone circles, and giant menhirs, among others. The site best known to outsiders is Carnac, where remains of a dozen rows of huge standing stones run for over ten kilometers.

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