Nick Trollope

As I keep saying, and no one has told me this isn't true, 'France is a lovely place to live, if you are retired or of independent means. It is not the place to try to earn a living.'

Which is why, after 10 years, I am off home.

Good luck to everyone who comes here, having done their research (themselves, not just asking on here), to earn a living. If they don't do their research, then they deserve everything they get!

I love being in France but I was to spend money going anywhere else Bangkok would be top of my list, the UK would be right at the bottom!

I do look like Bilbo Baggins at the best of times.

I am (supposed to be) a Maitre d'Oeuvre.

Nor do I hide behind a pseudonym!

Every word above posted on public internet sites by Trollope using some of his many anonymous log-ins.

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