Patco Plant Hire

Patco Plant Hire: We have over 20 years experience in Plant Hire, utility installations, driveways, groundworks with top quality landscaping. We are based in Brittany near Guemene sur scorff, and cover most of departments Morbihan, Cotes d'armor and Finistere.

  • Full installation of Fosse septic systems from soil test to completion fully landscaped.
  • Concrete flooring from excavating the old floor for you to the finished concrete base ready for any type of flooring, which we can also arrange using registered flooring artisans.
  • Terracing and garden creation from that bramble patch to a usable space.
  • Driveway construction.

All services are offered with self drive option (DIY).
Also partial assistance i.e the finishing touches, or we can offer the full contract organized from start to finish, using fully registered and insured artisans.

Tel: 02 97 39 96 75
Mobile: 06 78 29 20 02

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